School Edutainment, (education through entertainment)
Educational performances and workshops in primary schools to enhance skills with our
unique English, Maths and Science programmes.

The FUN way to learn.
From Andrew Smith
Performer,Writer, Speaker and Educator.                                               Fully Guaranteed
Interactive programmes for
Primary Schools.

If you are looking for an educational
assembly or workshop guaranteed to fully
engage your students and to educate
them in an interactive and memorable
way,  you're in the right place!

With our English, Magical Maths and our
Science programmes, workshop, your
students will discover, experience and
enhance skills.

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About Us

Our programmes have been
developed in partnership with
primary teachers, to ensure
they are not only entertaining
and engaging but highly
educational. Our professional
presenters have more than 20
years experience

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How To Book

Making a booking for one of our
programmes is simple and
straightforward (we know how much
paperwork schools have to deal with,
so we've streamlined the booking
process to make things as easy and
"hassle-free" for you as possible!)

Firstly, decide which of our
educational programmes you would
like to have...

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