"We raised more than HK$ 50,000 after expenses our second highest
fund raising event for the year. Thank you Andrew for a great show"
Quarry Bay School PTA.
How to Have an Event That Families Will
Remember and Raise Funds for your PTA.
Would you like a fund raising event that is:-

Loads of Fun.

Minimal outlay for time and volunteers in preparation and execution at the event.

A Risk free fundraiser for your PTA

Minimal Financial Outlay, with no advertising costs.

Popular with the Children, Parents and Teachers.

Gives you help with Event Promotion with a school assembly visit.

Gives you Specially made Event Posters.

Gives you Email templates for you to send to all your parents.

Guaranteed Results.

Did I Mention Loads and Loads of Fun

We can also even help with the ticket sales and collection of funds from our
online ticketing service if required at NO EXTRA FEE.

Something different and original that the kids will enjoy.
Looking for Ideas on How to Raise Funds for your School PTA?
Have you ever had a Fund Raising Event, where almost all of the work is done
for you? Then you have never worked with Andrew The Brilliant Balloon Man and
his amazing team.

Like you I have attended a number of PTA meetings (More than my fair share
with four children) and we have frequently discussed new and original ways to
raise money for the PTA. I know its very difficult to come up with fresh ideas that
are low risk, have a minimal outlay in time as well as money yet popular with both
the children and the adults.
Well you now have the answer in a PROVEN successful event format with
Andrew The Brilliant Balloon Man and International Performer and Specialist
Balloon Artiste.
One of the parents claimed : "it was one of the best events we have had in
the four years her daughter is in the school".

Hats off to Andrew for "mesmerizing" everyone in a "controlled atmosphere"
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