• Hello Andrew,  Thank you for entertaining our guests last Friday night, you was absolutely brilliant! All
    our colleagues here at Brother have said they have never seen anything like it before, they thought you
    was fantastic.                Thank you again, Sue, Cath & Kate  Brother UK

  • Thanks a million for your great show today at day camp.          Joel Spitz

  • Once again you did a great job and the children went home extremely happy and full of it.  We are
    very grateful to you for your flowers which our families really enjoyed and we look forward to seeing you
    again some time.          Mrs Scharf and Mrs Israel

  • Everyone loved you.  You were AMAZING, thanks a million. Melanie, the chief bridesmaid, has said you
    will be the first thing on her list when she gets married. Thank you so much for helping to make the big
    day so special xx     Brenda Loughran

  • THANK YOU for such a wonderful show - everyone loved it. Well done!       Jackie

  • Dear Andrew,  I just wanted to drop you a line to say a big thank you for Saturday – you were brilliant
    and we would like you at all our parties please! With many  thanks. Sally   Dora Loewenstein Associates
    Ltd, Grosvenor Cres, London SW1   www.dlaevents.com

  • Dear Andrew     Thank you very much, both parents and children thoroughly enjoyed your show and
    today lots of people were talking about you (all positive). Hope to see you again next year if you are
    available.  Have you been out to Bruni with your show? As I know you travel all over the world.    
    Jacqueline Goodman

  • Dear Andrew,    Many thanks for such a successful party. The kids all loved it and it is particularly
    special that the birthday lives on through the wonderful balloon creations………we have just had to
    humour goofy on his own chair at the supper table!   See you at the Hurlingham Christmas party .  

  • Hi Andrew,    I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart, on behalf Helen, Zoe's mum and dad
    and most importantly Joshua and Zoe.  A couple of years ago, I was fortunate to play a round of golf ( for
    charity), with one of my sports heros , Matt Le Tissier, and as I said to him, " you probably get bored of
    people telling you how amazing you were!" Any way I am going to say it again. " You were amazing! It
    was not just your set, which was fantastic, but it was your all round professionalism from start to
    finish, and we were very lucky to have you. So once again thank you so much for entertaining us royally
    and I shall continue to tell my friends and clients how amazing you and your act is!!     Best regards     
    Julian Solecki  

  • Hi Andrew,   Thank you so much for making Oscar's party so memorable. To keep 25 five year olds in
    fits of laughter for two hours is quite an achievement!! The adults too. You were the talk of school on
    Monday and are still spoken of highly at home - not least because of the enormous "Goofy" in Oscar's
    bedroom!!  Many thanks again.  All the best,  Paddy and Katie

  • Wow !! Andrew, you certainly made our party go with a bang! Absolutely everyone enjoyed, and was
    amazed at your balloon creations! Thank you so much for entertaining us, certainly amazing!!       Beryl

  • Thank you sooooo much for coming all the way here in such short notice, you made my daughters
    birthday one to remember! with your amazing balloon twisting and your fab show. The kids loved it as
    so did the parents........a few have asked how much you charged and said you are well worth the money.
    I’m sure you will get some bookings from them as the comments they where making. You truely are the
    best 'balloon man' by far! once again many thanx Andrew you made Jamilahs day a special day to
    remember! leanne
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Kind Words from my Clients
Kind words from a happy customer

Peter had the best day ever, he won’t stop talking to every one about it. The man in the big balloon was great. He
has taken some photos to school to show his teachers.   Rod & Yvonne

Thanks Andrew. It was a great party and the children
loved it - Georgiana is still talking about the man eating
balloon!     All the best.    Rowena

I just wanted to thank you for your
fantastic performance at our Mobility Roadshow - you were brilliant and the
kids loved you.  Many thanks and look forward to seeing you again.  Erica

Thanks so much for Saturday, we all loved it thank you.  Everyone thought you were brilliant, kids and parents!  
Thank you!    We will certainly be
recommending you, Izzie has already said she would like you again next
year!!     Many Thanks.  Lucy Miners

Thank you so much for making Felix's birthday party so special. Thank you too for arriving so early and
helping us
to set up and then starting to make your balloons as the children were arriving.

The show was wonderful. Charming, funny,
unexpected and very ingenious. We have not stopped talking about
you since.

Your beautiful balloon creations are filling his bedroom, our bedroom as-well-as the most of the hall! We left the
clown downstairs in the school reception and it has been
lovely to hear all the school children's reactions to 'him'.  
Thank you Andrew.   Very best wishes.        Nicky

Hi Andrew          The party was brilliant, thank you so much. I know my husband wants you at his 40th next year.  
Thank you again, you took masses of
pressure off and my very hard to please daughter was enthralled and is still
trying to give balloons away now!     Best wishes.    Kathryn x

Just to let you know Callums party is still being talked about now! It was such a wonderful day the kids absolutely
loved it, Thank you so much for putting on such a good show
worth every penny. Callum thought it was wonderful
and I still have a giant kissing squid in my front room ;-).         kind regards.  Wendy J.

A huge thanks for a spectacular performance !!  37 hollering 6 year olds (some of the girls even louder than the
boys) your control of the room was unbelievable. The kids had a great time and your show finale left everyone
speechless..quite a feat on it's own considering the incredible noise level that could be heard in the next village! You
well deserve your reputation.   Many thanks    Claire, Paul, Ava and Birthday boy Alex

I just wanted to say how fantastic you were on Saturday and how much we all enjoyed your show!  I've heard
nothing but praise for you  -
absolutely everyone loved it!   Thanks so, so much and best wishes,     Camilla

Hi Andrew you were
even more wonderful than anticipated and have definitely  picked up more bookings from the
night. All best wishes Laura Faull

Thank you for
your outstanding service. My only disappointment was that I didn't get to watch you all day as the
guests did! My guests thought you were amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed your comedy sketch finale.     All the
best     Sarah & Des

Thank you for a brilliant party  Everyone was
very impressed and the boys very happy.    Cheers   Caroline

Andrew,  Best man in a balloon I've ever seen.
Really special and thanks for providing the topping on a very
special day.      Rob laughton

Andrew,  You were
simply fabulous.    The kids were all thrilled and enthralled and everybody (especially the
adults) loved your "being eaten by the big balloon" piece - it's genius - we've watched the video over about 5 times
now and it keeps on making us laugh.    Thanks again for making the day such a success and allowing us relax and
enjoy it all too. All the very best.    Phil, Elaine, Tom & Theo

Would like to thank you for giving our whole squad
a great evening.  Everyone enjoyed the evening especially the
children.  Will be in touch as soon as I know dates and venue for next year.    Regards,   Caroline

Please can you thank Andrew very much for his input in yesterday’s party – as usual, he was a
big hit with the
guests and I would be most grateful if you would please pass on our thanks to him for his contribution in making the
party such a success.      With kind regards  Bridget

I just wanted to say thank you so much for Saturday.  All the mums and kids have said how much they loved it and
how brilliant you were.  
It wasn't just a good party - it was the best one ever!       Trish

Thank you so so much for such a great party -
it was certainly my most enjoyable and relaxed!  Sam is still
talking about you and ran into school today to tell his teacher all about the incredible balloon man!  You really did a
great job - thanks so much and hope you managed to relax a bit yesterday! Anna Sommers

Dear Andrew, Thanks again for a
fantastic show on Saturday.  We really appreciated it and the parents and
children are still talking about it!  Best regards,    Astrid

Thank you for putting on an
amazing show. The kids could not stop talking about you today. You were the top
subject at school and all the mums were also totally amazed at your show. My bosses also enjoyed your

I can't thank you enough for hosting such a
mesmerising party for Kaleo yesterday. Thank you for being so
professional and genuinely funny at the same time. You did a fantastic job keeping the kids as well as the parents
entertained throughout the party, which is not an easy job at all.
"He's the best entertainer of all the parties I've
been to."
~and this comes from a mom with three school-aged kids.  Thanks again for everything!     Yamei

Dear Andrew,  Just wanted to say a big thank you for the entertainment on Saturday,
it was fantastic, everyone
enjoyed themselves I have quite a few people who would like to contact you for their parties (child and adult!)       
Kind regards   Emma :)

Thanks for your help Andrew.  I don’t think we’ll get anyone as successful as you and sadly we can’t change the
date as we have already had to change it once because two of our clients are getting married on the date we
originally chose. Our clients
honestly light up when we mention your name, I’m sure out of all your audiences
you couldn’t possibly have had one that enjoyed your performance more than us lot at Enham.   Many thanks again  

Andrew you were absolutely brilliant- thanks so much for making it
such a special party for Morgan. Jay and I were
so impressed and the children have not talking about you!  Many thanks,    Sian

Hi Andrew, Thanks again for making Henry's birthday party
such a success, everyone loved your amazing show.    

Dear Andrew,  Thank you so much for doing such a fantastic show for everyone on Sunday. Every child left with a
cool balloon shape & a ginormous smile! Norma and David also said that you were absolutely fantastic and their
friends were also very impressed with your show. Jasper's birthday party is still being talked about at school by
Jasper's classmates and their parents as well!!!    It was definitely the
best 5th birthday party ever according to
Jasper and his friends!!!  
Jonathan, Nancy & Jasper Ledlie

Thank you for yesterday's party, we were all
so impressed!!. Parting comments from other parents should
hopefully mean more work for you as they just thought you were fabulous:-)  Best wishes        Beth Hilton

Dear Andrew, A VERY big thank you for the
amazing birthday party you gave to Catherine, Issie and Sofia.  The
girls and all their friends (AND all the adults!) had a wonderful and hilarious time.  I'm trying to keep Catherine's fairy
alive for a family party next week to show everyone something of what they missed. Nicola

Thank you for the party, kids loved it very much and the adults thought you were fantastic!!!  Amazing how you
managed to control them so well.  We loved your performance,
great job, thank you!!              Inga Siwicka

Myself and Kerry would like to thank you also for such an
excellent show.  The parents and children are still
talking about your show today at school (this Wednesday morning).  It was truly magical.         Lizy Ong    x

Thank you so much for making Amrits party so wonderful.
EVERYONE thought you were great. We would love to
have entertain our kids again.  Warm wishes,  Radha

Thank you so much for a
brilliant performance with the children yesterday. You are the most amazing balloon man
any of us have ever seen! The children couldn’t have been more delighted. So spectacular - all the adults ended up
as fascinated as the little ones in your amazing balloon creations. My husband tried to toast our guests but
absolutely everyone was looking over his shoulder at your wonderful ‘monkey up a palm tree’ sculpture appearing
out of nowhere! Thanks again for making it a real highlight of our lunch party.Please feel free to quote any or all of
this on your marketing materials.  Yours Tamsin  Tamsin Ogilvie