Terms and Conditions
Payment Terms
1. Cheques                            All Cheques payable to Andrew Smith

2. Due Date                           All Invoices payable on due date.

3. Failure                              Failure to pay the invoice on the due date will mean immediate   
                                             penalties apply.

4. Penalties                          A Fee of HK$1000 will be applied 7 days from the Due Date
                                         and an additional HK$500 will be applied every 30 days until the   
                                          invoice has been settled.

5. Legal Proceedings.         These will be commenced without warning 30 days from the        
                                            invoice due date and ALL charges and Interest will be paid     
                                         through the court.

6. The Good news              The Good News is that you can reduce your invoice by                
                                            PRE-payment. Discounts are available for Full payment in           
                                            advance. A refund will apply and a cheque will be given to you    
                                            on the day of the EVENT.

7. Saving You Money         SAVE up to 10% by having cleared funds in our account 1
                                         week prior to the event.

8. Save time                        Pay direct to our account VIA BACS.
Emal Accounts for account  
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